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Nghĩa Đảm Hùng Cảnh (USLT) HDTV - 04/20 Phim Singapore - Lồng Tiếng

Posted by googlevnn - 18th August 2012 - 11:08 AM


Genre: Police procedural drama
Episodes: 20
Original channel: Mediacorp Channel 8
Original run: 31 May 2011 – 27 June 2011


Tay Ping Hui
Qi Yuwu
Joanne Peh
Chris Tong
Elvin Ng
Tracy Lee


The series showcases various kinds of cases police units deal with, from complicated and sensitive cases such as illegal immigrants and hostage situations to textbook crimes such as arson, drug trafficking, rape and burglary.

The police force is tasked with handling security at the World Security Summit, which is to take place in several months. Over the weeks prior to the summit the different departments and police units at Tanglin Police Division are kept busy with their various cases while preparing for the summit.

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