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Giọt Lệ Kim Cương - Tears of Diamond (21/21 USLT AVI)

Posted by googlevnn - 30th January 2013 - 10:38 PM


Title: 다이아몬드의 눈물 / Da ee ah mon deu ui noon mool
Also known as: Tears of Diamond, Diamond Tears
Genre: Romance
Episode: 21
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-Sep-23 to 2005-Dec-02
Air time: Friday 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This is a traditional melodrama with a twist– revenge. Son In-Ha (Yoon Hae-Young) and Choi Hyung-Min (Kim Sung-Min) are brought together by Ih-Ha’s undying love for Hyung-Min. Even after his bankruptcy and debt she leaves her fiancé to be with Hyung-Min… until one day she realizes that Hyung-Min left her to marry another woman, Jin Ga-Hee (Hong Eun-Hee). Ga-Hee isn’t just an ordinary woman, she’s a woman with money. Even after all the pain and hurt that In-Ha went through to help Hyung-Min, it wasn’t enough to keep him by her side. Once a sweet and good intentioned woman, Ih-Ha changes her ways and decides to take revenge on him by slowly befriending Ga-Hee… Will she go through with the revenge? How much longer until Hyung-Min hurts those around him?


Yoon Hae Young as Son In Ha
Kim Sung Min as Choi Hyung Min
Lee Jae Hwang as Yi Seok
Hong Eun Hee as Jun Ga Hee
Lee Sun Jin as Ha Hyun Ja (In Ha's friend)
Park In Hwan as Jin Sang Jin (Ga Hwi's father)
Lee Kyung Young as Jin Kwang Ho
Yang Geum Suk as Moon Ma Dam (Yi Seok's mother)
Kim Hye Sun as Eun Ae Ryung
Suh Seung Hyun as Kim Su Bin
Choi Jong Hwan as Won Yong Ki
Park Jung Soo as In Ha's mother
Ahn Jae Hwan as Kim Chul Jong

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Huh Woong
Producer: Jung Hyo
Director: Hong Chang Wook
Screenwriter: Han Joon Young

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