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Finding Mr. Right - Beijing yu shang xi ya tu (2013) Brulay 720p.x264.AAC

Posted by googlevnn - 18th May 2013 - 03:58 PM

Finding Mr. Right - Beijing yu shang xi ya tu (2013)

The Bottom Line

Another rote romantic-comedy that relies on the force of its leads to rise above its material.

March 21 (China)

Tang Wei, Wu Xiubo, Elaine Jin, Hai Qing, Mai Hongmei, Song Meihui, Liu Yiwei

Xue Xiaolu

Leading lady Tang Wei turns up the charm in this Seattle-set Chinese rom-com from director Xue Xiaolu.

Mainland China’s thirst for straight-up contemporary comedy has been demonstrated to exist beyond a reasonable doubt if the runaway success of Xue Xiaolu’s Finding Mr. Right is any indication. Starring an actress once banned from working in the country and riddled with conflicting messages about the state of the nation itself, the rom-com about the pregnant mistress of a powerful tycoon packed off to Seattle to have a baby beyond the reach of the scandal sheets does nothing to tinker with the form and holds zero surprises. But it’s adherence to rom-com convention in an industry top-heavy with historical epics extolling the genius of ancient generals and retreads of popular legends make Finding Mr. Right stand out among the crowd. Xue’s second feature is an exemplar of commercial filmmaking, and production help from a handful of Hong Kong pros (in editing, costume design, cinematography) give it the polished finish the fluffy material demands. Box office success in Asia is likely, but that very polish could make it too mainstream for overseas festivals, though some life on Asia-focused events seems likely.

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