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Band of Brothers (2001)[m-HD + Phụ đề Việt + Trọn bộ]

Posted by hunganhqn - 4th May 2009 - 09:36 AM
Band of Brothers

Tạm dịch: Biệt Kích Dù
Đạo diễn: Tom Hanks
Diễn viên: Ron Livingston, Donnie Wahlberg, Matthew Settle, Damian Lewis, Rick Warden
Nhà sản xuất: DreamWorks SKG
Thể loại: Chiến tranh
Độ dài: 128 phút
Quốc gia: Mỹ
Năm sản xuất: 2001
IMDB: 9.6/10 (60,612 votes)
Số tập: 10
* Part 1: Currahee
* Part 2: Day of Days
* Part 3: Carentan
* Part 4: Replacements
* Part 5: Crossroads
* Part 6: Bastogne
* Part 7: The Breaking Point
* Part 8: The Last Patrol
* Part 9: Why We Fight
* Part 10: Points

Giới thiệu:
Bộ phim xoay quanh sự hình thành, phát triển và chiến đấu của quân đoàn bộ binh 101 thuộc Đại Đội Easy trong chiến tranh Thế Giới Thứ II.

Khi Steven Spielberg và Tom Hank quyết định dấn thân vào khoa học viễn tưởng truyền hình, họ không chỉ đầu tư công sức mà cả tiền bạc. Mỗi tập trong tổng số 10 tập của sê-ri Band of Brothers (2001) “ngốn” tới 12,5 triệu USD, dành cho phối cảnh hiện thực, cảnh quay tỉ mỉ, thu thập tài liệu chính xác.

Band of Brothers giành được 6 giải Emmy (giải thưởng danh giá dành cho các tác phẩm và nghệ sĩ trong lĩnh vực truyền hình của Mỹ) cho 19 đề cử và giải Quả Cầu Vàng năm 2002.


Part 1: Currahee
Camp Toccoa, Georgia. Summer, 1942. A diverse group of young American men begin their voluntary training in one of America's newest military experiments: the paratroops.

Their unit, Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, is commanded by the petty, autocratic Lt. HERBERT SOBEL (David Schwimmer). His job is to turn these eager civilians into the U.S. Army's most elite soldiers. But Sobel fails to win the respect of his men, and a rivalry emerges between him and a junior officer, Lt. DICK WINTERS (Damian Lewis).

Winters' best friend, Lt. LEWIS NIXON (Ron Livingston), becomes an intelligence officer and tells Winters their first combat assignment will be to invade occupied Europe. Training for this mission in England, Sobel continues to harass Winters by citing him for failing to inspect a latrine. When Winters requests a trial by court martial, the sergeants in the company decide to turn in their stripes rather than lose Winters and have to follow Sobel into combat. Their Commanding Officer, Col. ROBERT SINK (Dale Dye), upbraids them for this, but decides to transfer Sobel out of the company before the upcoming D-day mission. The episode ends as the company -- Winters included -- board planes headed for Normandy.

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Part 2: Day of Days
Planes carrying thousands of paratroopers cross the English Channel into French airspace, where German flak causes the pilots to drop them in a less than safe and organized fashion.

Lt. WINTERS lands alone in a field, soon joined by a Pvt. JOHN HALL (Andrew Scott) from another company. Having lost his rifle in the jump, Winters leads the anxious Hall off to find their units, carrying only a knife. They link up with a few more Easy Company men and ambush a German horse-drawn supply convoy. In a nearby town, Winters finds Easy's Lt. "BUCK" COMPTON (Neal McDonough), who tells him 90% of the company is unaccounted for, including their commander -- which puts Winters in charge.

Winters is then asked to lead an attack on a cluster of German artillery pieces nearby, which are probably firing onto the seaborne infantry trying to take Utah Beach. Winters deploys his small group on the entrenched enemy positions and eventually takes four artillery pieces in succession, disabling them with TNT. The euphoria is tempered, however, when Winters finds Pvt. Hall dead, killed by machine gun fire. The mission is successful, but Winters has lost his first man as acting company commander.

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Part 3: Carentan
Two days after D-day, some members of Easy Company are still lost and alone in Normandy, including Pvt. ALBERT BLITHE (Marc Warren). He finds the rest of the unit just in time to help them take the town of Carentan, which Allied armor from Utah and Omaha beaches need in order to link up.

During the successful fight for the town, Easy suffers several casualties, including a minor leg wound to Lt. WINTERS, and a case of "hysterical blindness" for Blithe. The company moves out to set up a defensive position and runs into a German counterattack on the way. They engage in a lengthy firefight, which eventually includes German and then American tanks.

Blithe, after getting advice and encouragement from Lts. HARRY WELSH (Rick Warden), RONALD SPEIRS (Matthew Settle), and Winters, screws up his courage enough to stand up in his foxhole and fire his rifle at the enemy, eventually killing a German. But the next day, on a patrol, Blithe is shot in the neck by a sniper, a wound he will never recover from. The company returns to England after 36 days in Normandy, but their celebrations are short-lived, as news comes that they will be moving out again.

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Part 4: Replacements
A group of fresh replacements joins Easy Company in time for a massive paradrop into German-occupied Holland. The Dutch townspeople of Eindhoven welcome them as liberators.

But when Easy and a cluster of British tanks move into a nearby town, they are met by a superior German force and must retreat after suffering many casualties. One of these is Sgt. "BULL" RANDLEMAN (Michael Cudlitz), who hides out overnight in a barn. A Dutch farmer and his daughter tend to him, and eventually he has to bayonet and bury a German soldier who wanders in.

Meanwhile, Randleman's friends and the members of the squad he leads fear him dead, and finally decide to head back into the town to try to find him. He escapes the barn and meets them on the way, finally returning to the company and getting a warm welcome. As they move onto another assignment in Holland, Capt. WINTERS laments having to retreat, and Capt. NIXON tells him the ambitious allied operation in Holland looks to have failed.

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Part 5: Crossroads
Capt. WINTERS leads a contingent of Easy Company men on a risky mission over a Dutch dike that results in a "turkey shoot" of fleeing German soldiers. Afterwards, Col. SINK promotes him to Battalion Executive Officer, leaving Easy Co. in the hands of Lt. "MOOSE" HEYLIGER (Stephen McCole).

As Winters labors over a report on the dike mission, Heyliger leads a rescue of some British soldiers escaping from the besieged town of Arnhem. Winters is dissatisfied by his new, largely administrative job. He worries about Easy, now one of three companies he helps command, especially after Heyliger is shot and seriously wounded by a nervous sentry.

After moving back off the line to France, Lt. NIXON insists that Winters take a break and see Paris. Winters is haunted there by the memory of a young German solider he killed at close range on the dike. As he returns to the company at Mourmelon, news comes in of a massive German counterattack in the Ardennes Forest. Winters helps Easy race there to hold the line, his men ill-equipped for the cold weather and the battle ahead.

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Part 6: Bastogne
Easy Company digs foxholes in the snow around the Belgian town of Bastogne. They are woefully under-manned and under-supplied to hold the line against the inevitable German armored attack.

Medic EUGENE ROE (Shane Taylor) scrounges morphine and other much-needed medical supplies to treat the various ailments and wounds of the men, who are bitterly cold and, in many cases, stricken with trench foot. His travels take him to a cut-off Aid Station in the surrounded, besieged town of Bastogne. There he meets a beautiful Belgian nurse named RENEE LEMAIRE (Lucie Jeanne) ministering to the horrible suffering of wounded American soldiers.

Easy loses two men on an ill-fated patrol but are congratulated on Christmas Day for holding the line by Col. SINK. He reads aloud their commanding general's concise, defiant response to a German surrender demand: "Nuts!" With no sign of relief in sight, the men celebrate a miserable holiday together in their foxholes. The Germans bomb Bastogne, hitting the Aid Station and killing Renee, whose body Roe discovers.

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Part 7: The Breaking Point
Having held off the German attempts to overrun Bastogne, Easy is now faced with the task of taking the nearby town of Foy from the enemy.

Company First Sergeant CARWOOD LIPTON (Donnie Wahlberg) tries to hold the company together as they withstand several fierce artillery bombardments, during which several Easy veterans are killed and maimed. Sgts. JOE TOYE (Kirk Acevedo) and BILL GUARNERE (Frank John Hughes) each lose a leg. This precipitates an emotional breakdown by Lt. COMPTON, who has to leave the line.

Morale is further dampened by the incompetence of their commander, Lt. NORMAN DIKE (Peter O'Meara). Lipton warns Capt. WINTERS about Dike, but Winters is well aware of the problem and can do nothing about it. But when Dike freezes up during the crucial attack on Foy, Winters sends Dog Company's Lt. SPEIRS to relieve him. Speirs successfully leads the taking of the town, and Lipton is happy that Easy finally has a true combat leader again.

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Part 8: The Last Patrol
With the war perhaps winding down, Easy Company is trucked into an Alsacian town near the German border. Still on the front line, the men get to sleep in houses, just across a small river from German forces doing the same thing.

They are asked to send a patrol across the river to take some Germans prisoner, an assignment no one wants to be picked from. Except Lt. HANK JONES (Colin Hanks), fresh in from West Point and eager for combat experience. He's put in charge of 2nd platoon, alongside Sgt. DON MALARKEY (Scott Grimes), still broken up about losing so many friends at Bastogne.

When Malarkey is picked to lead the patrol, Jones asks to go in his place, and Capt. WINTERS okays it. Also getting the call is Pvt. DAVID WEBSTER (Eion Bailey), our narrator, returning to the company after having missed all of Bastogne for a relatively minor wound. He finds it's not so easy to gain the acceptance of his old buddies. In the end, the patrol is successful in retrieving two prisoners, but Easy loses a man killed. Weighing this, Winters disobeys an order to send a second patrol the next night.

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Part 9: Why We Fight
Easy Company finally enters Germany, where they find no resistance, and begin kicking residents out of their homes for the night so they can sleep.

They find the "enemy" to be industrious and not much different from them, and the veterans enjoy a chance to relax and even "fraternize" with the locals. Maj. WINTERS is concerned about his friend Capt. NIXON, who returns from a disastrous combat jump with another unit, cynical about the war and drinking heavily.

After getting news that President Roosevelt has died, Easy heads out to another German town, from which Winters sends a small patrol into a forest. The patrol finds an abandoned concentration camp, with hundreds of emaciated and still imprisoned inmates, mostly Jewish -- a surprise to Winters and everyone else. They start to feed and release them, but then are ordered to herd them back into the camp so that their recovery can be monitored. As they supervise the cleanup of the camp and its many corpses by the disgusted local citizenry -- who disavow prior knowledge of its existence -- they get the news that Hitler has killed himself.

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Part 10: Points
Easy Company enters the empty Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden, once home to all the chiefs of the Third Reich. They celebrate the German army's surrender in Hitler's mountaintop "Eagle's Nest," then proceed to scenic Austria.

There, they learn that the Division will be redeployed to the Pacific Theatre, minus any men who have earned enough "points" to go home. Few of them have. As they await official orders to leave Europe, Maj. WINTERS applies for a transfer to a unit that is moving out immediately but is denied the request.

Meanwhile, the violence continues in Austria, including an execution of a suspected labor camp commandant, and the critical wounding of Sgt. CHUCK GRANT (Nolan Hemmings) by a drunken trooper from another company. Capt. SPEIRS, dealing with all of this, decides to stay on as company commander despite having enough points to go home. But Winters will not make a career of the army: he accepts Capt. NIXON's offer of a job with his family's company. As Winters gives news of the Japanese surrender to the company on a baseball field in Austria, we learn what happened to each of the men after the war.

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hunganhqn is Offlinehunganhqn says - 5th May 2009 - 10:08 PM
Update đủ 10 parts bộ Band of Brothers.

criesbaby is Offlinecriesbaby says - 7th May 2009 - 12:45 AM
bạn đó ơi ! part 7 thiếu part9.zip rồi, không thể nào nối , cho minh xin luôn đi

lequangtriet is Offlinelequangtriet says - 18th September 2009 - 01:45 AM
ban oi, tap 7 thieu part09 roi, up tiep gim minh voi, thanks!!!

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