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Cool Dimension (Japan) Eng. Sub.

Posted by DanaDang - 24th October 2009 - 09:15 PM


Plot Synopsis: Kidnapped as a young girl and brainwashed to be the perfect assassin, trained killer Shioiri finds her life turned upside down when a childhood memory short circuits her programming, turning her against the organization that created her as she stages a daring escape. For most of her life, Shiori has followed the orders of her mysterious masters, never questioning their directives as she methodically dispatches with her unsuspecting targets. With no memories of the past to distract her, it was easy to carry out her assignments while keeping a clean conscience. But now Shiori's memories are flooding back, and as a result she's slipping free from her leash. In order to escape Shiori will now have to turn on those closest to her. Escape won't be easy, but if Shiori is going to reclaim her own identity she'll have to strike back against the organization that created her with everything she's got.
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