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7 Ngày Trong Đời (7 DAYS IN LIFE) (20Tap) USLT 2011

Posted by hellboy33333 - 24th February 2011 - 10:55 PM

20 EPISODES (JANUARY 24 - FEBRUARY 18, 2011 )[Replacing: Home Troopers]
Chinese Title: 隔離七日情
English Title: 7 Days In Life
Genre: Modern comedy
Episodes: 20
Tên tiếng Anh: 7 Days In Life
Tên tiếng Hoa: 隔離七日情
Tên gốc: Cách Ly Thất Nhật Tình
Số tập: 20
Ngày ra mắt tạo hình: 16/3/2010
Ngày phát sóng trên T V B: 24/1/2011 đến 18/2/2011
Ngày phát hành ở VN:
Giám chế: Lương Tài Viễn
* Steven Ma as Calvin Yik Cho-on (易早安), a Thai Chinese professional thief who, along with his wife Christy, robs the irresponsible rich and donates a portion of their stolen fortune to charity. Ma considers Calvin to be one of his first breakthrough roles in his acting career. Ma, who expressed many times in interviews that he wants to try out a villain role, explains that Calvin is "a jerk. He's horny, greedy, and even abducts children, but he's actually a very complex character. He has a painful secret that haunts him." Ma further said, "I can now finally challenge a character who is somewhat villainous." Leung remarked that Calvin is "so evil that he oozes juice" (a Cantonese phrase meaning "pure evil") but Ma argues that Calvin does have a softer side to him and that he's not completely heartless.[1] The role requires Ma to speak Thai and he carries a dictionary to the film set everyday
* Sonija Kwok as Christy Tsui Ka-yu (徐賈瑜), Calvin's wife, who is also a professional thief. She and Calvin are a bickering pair. Kwok is passionate for the role and says Christy is a character that she always wanted to portray. The role also requires her and Ma to constantly dress up in different and humorous identities that are required to con people. Kwok filmed the drama's pre-production sales presentation trailer in late 2009, and is one of the original cast members who was not replaced.
* Bosco Wong as Chiu Chin-lung (趙展龍), a cop who is after the thieves.
* Patrick Tang as Tai Siu-nam (戴少男), the hotel's bellboy, who secretly works as a kidnapper.
* Yuen Wah as Ho Shi-chan (何仕燦), the "legendary thief," who disguises himself as a tradesman.
* Mimi Lo as Au-Yeung Ka-ka (歐陽嘉嘉), an overage prostitute.
* Joyce Cheng as Tong Ching (唐晶), a newspaper journalist.
* Koni Lui as Liu Ho-yan (廖可人), the hotel receptionist and Calvin's lover.
* Eric Li as Man Jun-fai (文俊輝), a hotel manager.
* Coleman Tam as Fong Yat-long (方日朗)
* Samuel Kwok as as Fong Kwok-keung (方國強), Long's father.
* Yu Yang as Tsui Fuk-sang
* Joseph Lee as Man Bor (萬波), a kidnapper.
* Angelina Lo as Kwok Wing-mui (郭詠梅)
* Yvonne Lam as Chin Ka-yin (錢家燕), a millionaire woman.
* Evergreen Mak as Lau Cheuk-kei (劉卓奇)
* Ching Ho-wai as Mrs. Fong Wan Yuen-han (方溫婉嫻)
* Shum Po-yee as Chu Yuk-fun (朱玉芬)
* Gill Mohindepaul Singh as Totu Ali (托圖阿里)
* Brian Burrell as Ronald Copper

Steven Ma
Sonija Kwok
Bosco Wong
Patrick Tang
Yuen Wah
Mimi Lo
Joyce Cheng
Koni Lui
Mã Tuấn Vỹ
Quách Thiện Ni
Huỳnh Tông Trạch
Đặng Kiện Hoằng
Lữ Tuệ Nghi
Nguyên Hoa
La Mẫn Trang
Lý Thiên Tường
Lương Thuần Yến
Vu Dương
Lý Quốc Lân
Lư Uyển Nhân
Quách Phong
Lâm Y Kỳ
Trịnh Tử Thành
Giản Mộ Hoa
Hà Khởi Vân
Chu Tuyền
Mạch Trường Thanh
Trần Tư Tề
Trình Khả Vi
Kiều Bảo Bảo
Bố Vỹ Kiệt
Thôi Bảo Nhi

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