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Fist of Fury / Sworn Revenge (1995) - English Subtitle (Hay)

Posted by hellboy33333 - 12th May 2011 - 09:50 PM

In the early 20th century in China, Chan Zan travels to Shanghai with his younger sister in search of a new life after their home village is destroyed by a group of bandits. He notices that Shanghai is divided into an international settlement under the control of various foreign powers, such as Britain and Japan. Besides, he observes that the pugilistic world of Shanghai is marred with disunity and the various martial arts schools are pursuing their individual goals. That reflects the state of China; the Chinese are individualistic and often in internal conflict with their fellow countrymen, instead of uniting to drive out their common enemies (the foreigners) and regain sovereignty of their nation. Fok Yuen-gap, founder of Ching-mou School, is trying hard to persuade and influence the other schools to unite under a common purpose of defending China from foreign intrusion.

Directed by: Benny Chan, Leung Yun-chuen, Wong Gum-miu, Cheng Wai-man, Wu Ming-hoi, Tang Mau-sing
Country: Hong-Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: English (Hard-Subbed)
Genre: Kung-Fu
Year: 1995
Episodes: 6 (VCD)

* Donnie Yen as Chan Zan
* Eddy Ko as Fok Yuen-gap, founder of Ching-mou School
* Joey Meng as Yumi, Takeda Yukio’s daughter and Chan Zan’s love interest
* Kenny Lin-Teruyuki as Ishii Hideaki, Yumi’s fiance
* Yeung Chak-lam as Takeda Yukio, a Japanese consul and member of the Black Dragon Society
* Berg Ng as Lau Chan-shing, Fok Yuen-gap’s eldest student
* Eric Wan as Choi Hok-fu, Choi Luk-kan’s son who becomes a hon-kan
* Leung Yat-ho as Leung Ha, Choi Luk-kan’s bodyguard and Chan Zan’s friend
* Cong Shan as Yi-kiu, a singer and Leung Ha’s love interest
* Lau Chi-wing as Choi Luk-kan, a businessman and boss of the Green Gang
* Sin Ho-ying as Ishii Hiroshi, Hideaki’s brother and master of the Hongkou dojo
* Paw Hee-ching as Mrs Takeda, Yumi’s mother
* Ng Yuen-chun as Kuki, Ishii Hideaki’s sensei
* Mai Kei as Secretary Wu, Takeda’s secretary
* Renee Dai as Siu-yin, Chan Zan’s younger sister
* Bobby Tsang as Yip Tai-cheung
* Lee Mo-king as Yip Tai-cheung’s wife
* Ng Siu-ching as Siu-ching
* Stephen Au as the Thai boxer
* Cheng Shu-fung as Hung Pao, a bandit leader who murders Chan Zan’s family
* Hung Yan-yan as Hung Fei, Hung Pao’s brother
* Philip Keung as Ah-chung, a coolie and Chan Zan’s friend
* Ken Lok as Cheung Hak-cheung, an ally of Ching-mou School
* Lo Lieh as Cheung Chung-tong, Cheung Hak-cheung’s father and a Manchurian warlord
* Hon Yee-sang as Choi Kam-fu, Choi Luk-kan’s brother and a martial arts master
* Simon Tsui as Uncle Kuen, chairman of the Shanghai Martial Arts Association
* Fung Kwok as Nung King-suen, a businessman and friend of Fok Yuen-gap
* Kong To as Mayor Yim, the mayor of Shanghai
* Mak Kei as Inspector Lo, the police inspector
* Leung Kam-yim as Boss Ma, the Teochew businessman who hired the Thai boxer
* Wai Lit as Fong Koi-tin
* Larry Chiu as Master Kam
* Kon San as Pak Hok-tin
* Chapman To
* Yeung Man-tat
* Ka Chun
* Frank Liu
* Vincent Ngan
* Chow Siu-lun
* Tsau Wai-lun
* Chan Ka-wai
* Ng Ting
* Tsang Tsan-on
* Phyllis Man
* Ng Man-lai
* Camilla Choi
* Maggie Leung
* Wong May-fan



Chú Ý: Film này la Trần Chân của Chung Tử Đơn đóng. Bộ này mình thấy chất lượng good và rất hay nên chia sẽ với mọi người. Nhưng mà film này chỉ là english sub thôi!


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